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Food in Mexico: Interesting things to know

Posted on 03 April 2018 by admin (0)

Food in Mexico. This can be delicious food, but it can also be food that isn’t delicious for tourists that are visiting Mexico. There are some interesting facts about the food in Mexico. Facts and information that you might find handy when you are going to visit Mexico and you want to make sure that you are going to eat food that you know and that you are familiar with. These are some interesting things to know:

They using all parts of a cow

This might be interesting for some, but this can be really disgusting for most people. Mexicans are using all the parts of the cow when they are making food. They don’t throw away any part of the cow. Not the intestine or the outside of the cow.

They can make great meals out if it, but this isn’t something that everybody wants to eat. The sound of eating intestine isn’t just something for everyone to eat.

You will be surprised at how many Mexicans don’t eat red meat

Even if they are eating every little thing off a cow, there are a lot of Mexicans that prefer not to eat red meat. There are so many people that don’t know that most people in Mexico don’t prefer red meat.

However, if you are going on holiday in Mexico, you will still have many options of red meat that you can choose from at restaurants. You should just make sure that the food is prepared correctly and in a clean kitchen.

Tomatoes originated from Mexico and not Italy

Because so many Tomatoes are used in Italian dishes, people think that tomatoes are originated from Italy. However, this is so not true. Tomatoes are originated from Mexico and are now used all over the world.

Many people can’t imagine a dish that doesn’t have tomatoes in it. But, if you want to eat as many tomatoes as possible, then going to Mexico is a great idea.

They like their spicy food

They do like their spicy food. So, if you don’t have the stomach for spicy food, you need to make sure that you are going to look for dishes that aren’t hot at all. Their mild spiced food is really hot for people that are tourists.

So, making sure that you are eating food that isn’t hot, you need to make sure that their mild and your mild is the same.

Mexican food. Something that can be delicious if you are prepared to eat hot, spicy food all the time. And, you need to make sure that you eat the type of meat that you normally will eat. This is because they are eating all the meat from a cow. Even the intestines. However, this is a great country to visit, and you will have a great experiencing trying their cuisine.